My life has always been filled with pets, so it was obvious that after moving out of the family home there had to appear a dog in my life. For a very long time I looked for the perfect breed for me. It was decided then that I would like to have a Samoyed in the future - however, the breed's requirement for movement being a concern, plans had to be postponed. I was looking for something smaller and less demanding - and so in May 2010 I found an advertisement about a several-month old female (in the type of Chinese Crested). In this way, Laila came to me - a tiny bitch with a big heart ... and many behavioural problems ... I had to put a lot of work to turn it into a balanced dog. She taught me how to work with a dog, the positives of training and how to build a strong bond with the dog based on mutual trust. Unfortunately, Laila left me in December 2013 leaving sadness, but also a lot of warm memories. She will always remain in my heart as that first and best canine friend that awoke in me the love of cynology.

However, coming back to my beginnings - with time I started to look for a canine companion for my beloved Laila. Firstly, I thought about a second dog, this time thoroughbred Chinese Crested, but I was

still tormented with a dream of owning a Samoyed so I decided to fulfil my dream. Thanks to the trust of Jacek and Mirka Nowak (kennel The Glow Of The Snowy Star) - on the 24th of January 2011 Hanuś appeared in my life, pedigree of HONEY The Glow Of The Snowy Star. From that moment my life took a completely new turn. Laila's behavioural problems ceased and I began compulsively going to dog shows and participating in dog sled competitions. I found a passion that changed my everyday life and greatly influenced my lifestyle.

In 2012 I registered a dog breeding kennel called Winterfield's (FCI). I seriously think about developing my passion, but I think that haste is a bad counselor - I do not care for the quick gathering of a large number of dogs in almost the same age. My dogs are my family, therefore I want to have as many as I can while still allowing them to receive the right dose of love and to allow them feel happy. I realize that a large number of dogs and a rapid development of the breeding kennel guarantees bigger success and "fame" in the cynological world. However I prefer to have a smaller amount of pets and less income than a herd of dogs for successes and litters.

Every day my dogs actively spend their time with their canine friends in the outdoors, they have provided long walks, fun. They travel with me everywhere and they lead a very interesting life with me, not just within their backyard or exhibition area :)

Hope you enjoy browsing the contents of this site!

Paulina Adamska

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